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UK modern society: Social Division, wealth inequality, a return to The Class War

Excellent video good enough to include as part of college and university lectures. Many isues raised and an importnat area that is affecting many countries of divided societites with rich and poor with wealth inequality at levels last seen before WWII, in some countries going as far back as Victorian and Dickensian times. In UK already back to Great Depression times for large numbers struggling and when comparing the very poorest, with inadequate benefits and a serious lack of real living wage jobs for masses, with many jobs being ultra low pay, insecure, less than full time on minimum wage and millions unable to even get these low paid jobs, resorting to food banks, so at the poorest even back to Dickensian times social inequality. The video highlights all of this an dis an ideal starting point to discuss realities of a social system and of masses of people struggling and suffering as a consequence, the many difficulties people face as part of a divided society and many possible consequences.

” Tory Party: we literally hate the poor/class war”:


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A world full of hate..

‘A world full of hate’ fear & prejudice, reality whatever religion, “why not like me” hate, division of labour, inequality, poor suffering austerity to support the rich in luxury

They want you to hate the Jews, the Catholics, Islamaphobia…want a litte cricket..what kind of society is this….Spirituality, why you have to let go of your ego..don’t have reflective process in day..not going to be given time to do any of that…they don’t want to win the war. Permanent war permanent austerity permanent hate…


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Manic Street Preachers – Futurology (Official Video) Art reflecting Reality

The whole album, as the one before and all Manics albums stimulate ideas, express much deeper complex issues. In many ways the music speaks for itself through art, lyrics and talented musicianship. Their music is also enhanced and expressed even more so with the excellent video designs, arrangements, directing, acting and production, conveyed by the artistic work of Kieran Evans.

Listening to the album and watching the videos stimulates many thoughts and ideas. Art is used to show a greater more accurate reality than through mainstream media with its incessant use of government, media mogul and corporate propaganda and at worst hate propaganda. The video shows this up instantly and of course uses quality, thoughtful, intellectual meaningful lyrics and motivating rhythms, excellence of musicianship; all mean Art is representing a truer reality.

More ideas and thoughts to be be added over time

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Kevin sanctioned on Work Programme and now begging for food

Government callous sanctioning forcing people destitute and into begging stealing or Wonga-style borrowing from loan sharks to stay alive, what next, a despicable situation and forced ‘criminality’. modern form of peasants stealing bread to stay alive or poaching on rich landowners land in medieval days. Poverty, hunger, malnutrition, a careless big society!

Ann McGauran

Kevin Jobbins, who's living on £7 a fortnight for food, following a benefit sanction Kevin Jobbins, who’s living on £7 a fortnight for food, following a benefit sanction

How does it feel to be “living” on a budget for food of £3.50 a week? Kevin Jobbins is doing exactly that, but the more you think about it, the less appropriate the concept of  existence or survival seems in this context. To survive  conjures up images of Everest expeditions  – involving a set of risks voluntarily  endured  by explorers who’ve personally opted to challenge their own physical and emotional limitations.

Kevin, on the other hand, came into the Greenwich Foodbank   because  he’s  not  surviving. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has failed to reinstate his benefits following a sanction in April. Kevin is 39, and is  receiving employment and support allowance (ESA). He’s waiting to go into detox treatment for drug and alcohol issues and is also on the waiting list for surgery…

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Modern-day Slavery: Low Pay, No Pay, No Prospects, disguised as employment, Forced Labour and Workfare

Singapore, housemaids sold a commodities in a shopping mall for the rich, advertised as going cheap and not requiring any days off:

UK, workfare, 6 months, 40 hours per week, not including lunch breaks, no sickness allowed for, as that could be a sackable offence, as could any rebellion for working for free with showing less than enthusiastic servitude to their masters. ‘Fake’ apprenticeships advertised as training, but really being work that otherwise would have been paid, albeit at minimum wage as care work for the benefit of poorer people and the community is regarded as very lowly in UK, by years of pay structures built up with minimal union involvement to secure better pay, on threat of getting the sack, whilst work gambling in banks, sports personalities or executives who wear expensive suits are valued highly. But not even minimum wage now for many, as the minimum wage guidelines are breached by ultra-low pay, disguised apprenticeship and unpaid workfare forced labour on threat of sanction of no benefits:

In the article it is mentioned that the Department of Work and Pensions representative indicates that, even though the UK government has repeatedly lost in court over legislation for unpaid labour and retrospectively changing the law, it insists it will ignore the high court ruling and continue to appeal any ruling.

UK Government backed media attacks UN and the UN rapporteur Raquel Rolnik for highlighting and criticising UK Government, DWP and minister IDS, over failings on human rights in its treatment of UK poor:

Ongoing blog item, shall be added to as appropriate with items from around the world, including unpaid forced labour in UK and an emphasis on disguised slavery in employment with no prospects, ultra low pay or no pay.


Weapons of Financial Destruction #WarMachine Austerity, Banksters, Corporations, Governments, Corruption

People’s Parliament meeting July 1st 2014 with Artist Taxi Driver, Stacy Herbert and activists describing what is going on, briefly but detailed in the kind of way that is not covered in mainstream media. The truth shows where vast sums of money are made out of financial services, selling arms, including illegal torture products from the world’s biggest arms fair in London.

Stacy Herbert on the global economy explained in easy to understand terms, but telling the truth means absolutely enormous figures. Mammoth  debts, the real scale of the collapse of the financial system, Libor rigging, Forex, derivatives. It makes the entire costs of benefits, social services, health and education minuscule by comparison and furthermore is a net boost to economies in providing jobs and providing necessary services, whilst the debt to bail out banks provides no boost to ordinary people , provides no services to society, but ensures profit of the rich elites in banking and corrupt corporations and MPs heavily involved and invested in the sector to profit from the people, whilst extracting all money from the public and put into private hands, taking it away from the poorest, moving it towards the richest.

Stacy Herbert on Weapons of Financial Destruction #WarMachine:


Even when banksters loose through banking and risky products, they have ensured they always stay absurdly highly paid, with mega bonuses and their losses are taken on by governments in bailouts and passed onto the masses through ideological austerity, ultra low interest on anyone with savings, ‘bail-ins in e.g. Cyprus, near zero interest rate sin US and negative interest rates for banks in Europe.


Propaganda is centralised using media working with governments to mislead the public who mostly have no or limited comprehension of the scale of the dealings. But for many governments working together in the most right wing alliance since WWII taking advantage of the situation by idealogical austerity aimed at taking back societies to Victorian even Medieval Times, the Dark ages, a time of abundant wealth for the rich and peasantry for the poor.


Austerity implemented from bottom up, so the poorest are hit hardest and the rich actually profit from the losses, fuelling the greatest wealth divide in modern history.


Artist Taxi Driver discusses the meeting and more

Artist Taxi Driver speaks at The People’s Parliament:

TTIP government/corporate corruption:


UK National Debt and Deficit rocketing for constantly bailing out banks, ultra-low or no taxes for Corporations and Austerity cutting incomes for the poorest.

Russell Brand with Max and Stacy on the Keiser Report:

Russell: “I heard that the GDP have started including drug sales and sex trade sales to make GDP better is that true? Max:”…its about £10 billion of activity..” Russell: “… so they include it…Revolution…”

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Age of Austerity UK Juxtaposed: Poor suffer malnutrition, while diners attend lavish dinners

Two very different items, but juxtaposition of a desperate man suffering from malnutrition whilst others spend £12,000 per head for one meal, this is UK  in the Age of Austerity

Even worse those arranging the lavish dinners are the very architects of austerity for the poor masses, with an extra dose of austerity and poverty thrown in for good measure for the very poorest.

Liverpool man disabled and very ill, found suffering from malnutrition & suicidal after 8 months wait for benefits:

Lavish £12,000 per head dinner held with David Cameron and his wife, attendees including Bahrain lobbyists and Russian oligarchs: