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UK modern society: Social Division, wealth inequality, a return to The Class War

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Excellent video good enough to include as part of college and university lectures. Many isues raised and an importnat area that is affecting many countries of divided societites with rich and poor with wealth inequality at levels last seen before WWII, in some countries going as far back as Victorian and Dickensian times. In UK already back to Great Depression times for large numbers struggling and when comparing the very poorest, with inadequate benefits and a serious lack of real living wage jobs for masses, with many jobs being ultra low pay, insecure, less than full time on minimum wage and millions unable to even get these low paid jobs, resorting to food banks, so at the poorest even back to Dickensian times social inequality. The video highlights all of this an dis an ideal starting point to discuss realities of a social system and of masses of people struggling and suffering as a consequence, the many difficulties people face as part of a divided society and many possible consequences.

” Tory Party: we literally hate the poor/class war”:


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