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Manic Street Preachers – Futurology (Official Video) Art reflecting Reality

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The whole album, as the one before and all Manics albums stimulate ideas, express much deeper complex issues. In many ways the music speaks for itself through art, lyrics and talented musicianship. Their music is also enhanced and expressed even more so with the excellent video designs, arrangements, directing, acting and production, conveyed by the artistic work of Kieran Evans.

Listening to the album and watching the videos stimulates many thoughts and ideas. Art is used to show a greater more accurate reality than through mainstream media with its incessant use of government, media mogul and corporate propaganda and at worst hate propaganda. The video shows this up instantly and of course uses quality, thoughtful, intellectual meaningful lyrics and motivating rhythms, excellence of musicianship; all mean Art is representing a truer reality.

More ideas and thoughts to be be added over time


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