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Modern-day Slavery: Low Pay, No Pay, No Prospects, disguised as employment, Forced Labour and Workfare


Singapore, housemaids sold a commodities in a shopping mall for the rich, advertised as going cheap and not requiring any days off:

UK, workfare, 6 months, 40 hours per week, not including lunch breaks, no sickness allowed for, as that could be a sackable offence, as could any rebellion for working for free with showing less than enthusiastic servitude to their masters. ‘Fake’ apprenticeships advertised as training, but really being work that otherwise would have been paid, albeit at minimum wage as care work for the benefit of poorer people and the community is regarded as very lowly in UK, by years of pay structures built up with minimal union involvement to secure better pay, on threat of getting the sack, whilst work gambling in banks, sports personalities or executives who wear expensive suits are valued highly. But not even minimum wage now for many, as the minimum wage guidelines are breached by ultra-low pay, disguised apprenticeship and unpaid workfare forced labour on threat of sanction of no benefits:

In the article it is mentioned that the Department of Work and Pensions representative indicates that, even though the UK government has repeatedly lost in court over legislation for unpaid labour and retrospectively changing the law, it insists it will ignore the high court ruling and continue to appeal any ruling.

UK Government backed media attacks UN and the UN rapporteur Raquel Rolnik for highlighting and criticising UK Government, DWP and minister IDS, over failings on human rights in its treatment of UK poor:

Ongoing blog item, shall be added to as appropriate with items from around the world, including unpaid forced labour in UK and an emphasis on disguised slavery in employment with no prospects, ultra low pay or no pay.


3 thoughts on “Modern-day Slavery: Low Pay, No Pay, No Prospects, disguised as employment, Forced Labour and Workfare

  1. Tell everyone: got sent on a load of these schemes, but already knowing the score, I would always pull out on the second day. Not being able to sanction me for pulling out on the first day or after the first week, and because I did this every single time, JC+ soon gave up. If everyone did the same, Workfare couldn’t survive.

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