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DPAC #Occupywestminster #SaveILF Protests

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Occupy Westminster Protest by DPAC activists Saturday 28th July, 2014. It included people with various disabilities and themselves affected by government onslaught of cuts against the disabled, on behalf of disabled nation wide, suffering effects of cuts in UK. With Independent Living Fund crucial to many in enabling having a more independent life and increasing opportunities, but being slashed by the government. A protest on the lawn of Westminster Abbey was met by 100s police presence and being kettled. The following blog item re-blogged here goes into detail about the planning and massive effort by those taking part to get this to public attention:

We love you DPAC #Occupywestminster #SaveILF

The Socialist Way: “”Judge any society by how it treats its weakest members. The blockade of Westminster Abbey

Ongoing blog item as protests develop


A few months ago I was invited by DPAC ( Disabled People Against the Cuts) to get involved with a protest about the Independent Living fund which is due to be cut. With out this living fund disabled people will no longer be able to live in their own home independently and will loose any chance of living anything that resembles normal everyday life. The kind that you and I take for granted.

2014-06-28 18.00.08

To be honest working with disabled people is all pretty new to me and it is only through protest that I have got to know some active DPAC protesters. And I am now all to aware of the precarious balance that they have to deal with to maintain an anyway functional life. Some having to deal with the most complex health issues, accessibility, discrimination on a level that I can only compare to homophobia and racism which…

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