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“Artist Taxi Driver Rides Again”; Undercover in Job Centre

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Disabled protest using motorised buggy parked, conveniently broken down in Job centre, playing loud the £8 million helicopter birthday present edition:

The way the G4S guards walk over on camera and vehicle parked with sound blaster timed for maximum effect, also how the guards particularity reacted when they heard Chunky talking about G4S

“You put a paper hat on, were going to privatise everything, were going to bring in G4S and Serco…£8 million helicopter, this is what austerity looks like.. like in Ghost Busters..doesn’t like the colour, you pay…£8 million sate of the art..leather seats…”

The £8 million helicopter birthday present edition featured in above undercover demo:

Artist Taxi Driver Rides Again world cup shopping by undercover cameras:

“Carpetbaggers..bankers bonuses…Corporations…rise in suicides as direct result of policies…G4S in partnership with NHS..scandal…we cant afford these services..hand to corporations, take the public money put the profits offshore…George Osborne the spokes clown for McDonald’s…a country that decides to shoot its wounded… “


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