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Austerity Protest in London (June 21st 2014)


Protest pictures and comments on mass austerity protest in London on June 21st 2014

Guardian article, an estimated 50,000 Austerity protest march through London

Mass Austerity Protest in London, England report by Russia Today:

‘No more austerity:’ Thousands rally in London demanding alternative from govt (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post: “Russell Brand Calls On 50,000 Protesters To Stage ‘Joyful Revolution'”

Francesca Martinez gives an impassioned speech for the disabled and poor suffering in Austerity Britain

Russell Brand speaks before mass crowd in central London and puts on Fire Brigade Union t-shirt in support of fireman’s protests at UK government cuts

Owen Jones speech at people’s assembly

Speech at People’s Assembly by Caroline Lucas: “Stop punishing the poor..End this cruel and counter-productive Austerity..”

Artist Taxi Driver artistic musings of what his speech would’ve been at The People’s Assembly, a Revolution dream of Artistic fantasy on stage, of what might have been. Amidst artistic humour some thought provoking and hard hitting facts:

“Chunky the king..Frankie Boyle, leader of the Republic”

Russell Brand comments to Russia Today journalist on lack of UK mainstream media coverage of the protest. He says: “”if people knew what was happening they wouldn’t tolerate it… Ignorance is a necessity ingredient for oppression….we are unifying”

Artist Taxi Driver response to absence on UK mainstream media and no report on BBC or in much of the most popular mainstream press, with very minimal reporting by the mainstream broadcasters such as Sky instead focusing on Russell Brand taking his top off, but not so much on the clear statement, part of the main message of the day, when he put on a fibre brigade t-shirt with fire brigade protest slogan on “We save people, not banks, stop the cuts”:

Austerity for the Poor, Record wealth for Kleptocrats, Governments, Corporate & Bankster Buddies (Link to item in this blog)

Following on from People’s Assembly 50,000 Austerity march, a comedy performance at the London Apollo is to to raise funds for People’s Assembly, to continue towards the fight against the austerity onslaught of the poor in UK. Along with entertainment and humour of the event, it is meant to highlight and raise questions about austerity:”Russell Brand says “come to STAND UP AGAINST AUSTERITY” | 7 JULY” including lecturer and comic artist activist Francesca Martinez


9 thoughts on “Austerity Protest in London (June 21st 2014)

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  2. What a huge amount of people – well done all. It won’t go on the BBC – they’ll have been told to ignore it, as per usual.

  3. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    What a fantastic amount turning out…

  4. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    1 million marched against the Iraq war…..

  5. Reblogged this on THE SIEGE OF BRITAIN.

  6. Love the fact Russia reported this on the News!

  7. Reblogged this on stewilko's Blog and commented:
    It looked like an amazing event in London, hopefully we can have similar events throughout the UK. Also repeat them over and over again. I am gobsmacked and in total disbelief the news media of this country failed, in what I presumed is their job. That is record, commincate and visulise current news affairs to this country. An event like this should have been on all the news bulletins. I guess they need to be given a jolt, hopefully with more attending and more complaints they will get the idea

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