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Do you want fries with that sir/madam? Jobs for a relative few ‘lucky’ ‘surplus’ people

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Government and media working dumbing down the masses, promoting non-jobs working in massive food corporations where everything is replicated. Junk Food that is well named as such, for good reasons, that can be compared to cardboard and synthetic, but contains masses of chemicals. Chefs working there produce identical synthetic food to a formula around the world. Staff are given minimum wage, low pay no pay zero hour contracts to work to sell food to customers that can damage their health, with a hard sell over mainstream media, TV, sports events even in schools to children, to get them addicted before they grow up into adults already addicted to the chemicals they contain and to the familiarisation of going to locations they have always been to out of habit.

“Heavy users..synthetic.surplus people…”

On a diet of junk food, with numerous chemical additives and government/corporation sponsored advertising through media, like smoking cigarettes matched with popularity, McBurgers matched with sporting prowess, reality TV boosting shared brainwashed desires to be sports stars or to be on the latest reality TV fad, to win X factor. All this is intentionally, by corporations, advertisers making money, working for governments, mainstream media. All to play down any reports of poisoning, health damaging effects of eating McBurgers. All the while poisoning, becoming addicted. Well-placed mega boxes of booze strategically placed in supermarkets whenever there is a big and every year ever bigger sporting tournament aimed at men but also indirectly aimed at women to join in. All part of a controlled one big society. The next big public celebration promoted like a sitcom in supermarkets across the country, through the media, with politicians getting in on the act holding up newspapers based on propaganda and selling all this to the masses. Somehow the suggestion becomes auto-suggestion, that alcohol leads to being a famous sports person that they may become or that they imagine they are when they watch it, drugged up on crap burgers and alcohol and brainwashed by the TV.



One thought on “Do you want fries with that sir/madam? Jobs for a relative few ‘lucky’ ‘surplus’ people

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