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In 2010 WHO (World health Organisation) ranked UK NHS as the most efficient, best value & best health service in leading developed countries, with US ranked the bottom:

NHS is the world’s best healthcare system, report says

NHS pushes UK’s healthcare to top of the league table out of 11 western countries, with US coming last

NHS among developed world’s most efficient health systems, says study

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, 2014 Update: How the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally

Sonia Poulton interview with Marcus Chown , Peter Bach & Max Keiser over NHS sell-off:

Max Keiser on NHS sell-oo “junk economics…”Media part and parcel of overall corruption…”

A comment on possible changes since 2010:

Sweden was ranked one of the highest in the world for health care for many decades, but recent government policy changes have impacted on its ranking:

Sweden’s health system ‘worst in the Nordics’

Also UK government policy changes since 2010, with severe cuts to services and relative funding, along with very high outlays to support PFI profits for financial bakers, often banks and private investment groups seeking to maximise profits for shareholders, corporations and banks. In the UK, PFI and private sector investments enabling them to take profit from running services may well have markedly lowered the UK ranking. USA even with ‘Obamcare’ which is partly the result of failing health care system for vast numbers of poorer people in USA, is still hit hard by massive profiteering from private health corporations and drugs corporations. Also inequality of delivery of service in US has led it to become one of the worst health care providers, for vast numbers of people, specifically poorer people unable to pay for rocketing private health charges, in the developed world. US health care is therefore a very poor model for political ideologies in governments that seek to emulate their profiteering model and style of health care.

Government accused of ‘losing grip on NHS’ as 58 failing trusts now have £241m debt

Artist Taxi Driver describes carpetbaggers of big business, corporations, government MP related deals,use of cuts to damage the service, media to spread anti health service propaganda in order to clear the field for governmental corrupt excuses to collapse the health service and replace it with what the WHO report says is the worst health service overall in the developed world, that of US. In the US like with their private education, costs have rocketed due to rampant uncontrolled privatisation and profiteering of exploitative companies that tend to pay company executives massive sums of money and once banksters get involved, it is seen as a cash cow.

 For those without means, the poor and even not so poor when they have to cover cost of treatment are hit hard by rocketing high private costs and either cannot afford or in many cases virtually bankrupted by the cost of treatment or pay exorbitant health insurance premiums that add to the cost of living and remove their disposable income. ‘Obamcare’ is an attempt to help those without means, but it is working with what was a failed system of corruption and massive profiteering by private corporations and services.

 The US health service at the bottom of the ranking of developed nations in the WHO report is not one to emulate, it is the most expensive and least efficient, because of the high cost of private profit in a corrupt corporate system. But the UK government has decided to ignore the fact that the UK health service has been until very recently ranked as the best in the world and instead has determinedly gone along the path of trying to make UK health service like the US one. Coincidentally many government MPS have personal involvement and private investments with, even seats on boards of pirate health companies, along with lobbyists associations. All of these interest parties stand to make huge sums of money personally or for their buddies to make huge sums of money, also they have opened the floodgates to banksters to move in, as they have with education.

 In the WHO report the UK health service the NHS had ranked as the best in the world, until the carpetbaggers, as Artist Taxi Driver says were allowed to move in. 

The funding timebomb that crippled an NHS healthcare trust

GP explains NHS privatisation stages over 25 years, recently accelerated with City of London financiers now putting the whole service at risk of privatisation, with media and governments complicit. He describes bullying, profit centred rather than patient centred management, intimidation & corruption, detrimental to doctors & patients, at People’s Parliament (July 1st 2014):

As with other posts in this blog, this  item is likely to be updated with further information and links as appropriate.


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