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IDS 2014, including BBC ‘Question Time’



Response by Artist Taxi Driver:

“Ask him about the Red cross being in the country, ask him about the disabled…the suicides…the people who have taken their own lives..been shamed..the workfare programme…forced into slave labour death camps for corporations profiting from free labour..dodgy statistics, lies, child poverty..BBC…he’s there with his smug face.never asked him one question .you the architect of claim for your underpants …house with one and half million pound…subsidies…bailiffs..bedroom tax…million pound you enjoy hurting people. It isn’t about envy..the central core of ideological austerity…cuts to people’s lifelines, to vulnerable people, unemployed, sanctioning, foodbanks treatment of disabled the suicides. This define this government..housing bubble,this isn’t a recovery it’s a robbery.. £ billions pounds going to private corporations..never asked him one question..BBC propaganda protectionist machine..shield, gate keepers of the government”

Action in above video of IDS arriving to take part in recording the BBC Question Time programme starts at 2:40 in video when IDS arrives in his car and refuses to discuss question raised on the deaths and suffering as a result of his and UK government policies

Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey also ran away from Sonia Poulton:

An example of what has become typical repeated ‘scrounger’ rhetoric from the mainstream media, especially tabloid press, popular television and government since 2010:

Article featuring tweet from Conservative party via ‘Conservatives North’ labelling people on benefits as ‘scroungers’, “Conservatives under fire after labelling people out of work as ‘benefit scroungers”:

Conservatives under fire after labelling people out of work as ‘benefit scroungers’

Classic Glenda Jackson speech in House of Commons wipes the floor with IDS:


7 thoughts on “IDS 2014, including BBC ‘Question Time’

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    Imatigerr presents some of the reactions to IDS’ appearance on Question Time. Kudos and maximum respect to Salma Yaqoob for challenging IDS on his persecution of the poor and the unemployed and for calling him out on his own greed and venality. But she was nearly the only one, apart from a man in the audience. The Artist Taxi Driver has an excellent rant about this, while Christopher John Ball asks if the BBC had cut some kind of deal with RTU not to ask him difficult questions about his policies.

  2. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Well done, Salma!!!

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