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Hate Propaganda, selfish ideologies, targeted victimization, discrimination and the scrounger rhetoric

US article on conservative versus more left wing attitudes. It applies to all countries in the world:

More than three quarters of conservatives say the poor “have it easy”

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DPAC #Occupywestminster #SaveILF Protests

Occupy Westminster Protest by DPAC activists Saturday 28th July, 2014. It included people with various disabilities and themselves affected by government onslaught of cuts against the disabled, on behalf of disabled nation wide, suffering effects of cuts in UK. With Independent Living Fund crucial to many in enabling having a more independent life and increasing opportunities, but being slashed by the government. A protest on the lawn of Westminster Abbey was met by 100s police presence and being kettled. The following blog item re-blogged here goes into detail about the planning and massive effort by those taking part to get this to public attention:

We love you DPAC #Occupywestminster #SaveILF

The Socialist Way: “”Judge any society by how it treats its weakest members. The blockade of Westminster Abbey

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A few months ago I was invited by DPAC ( Disabled People Against the Cuts) to get involved with a protest about the Independent Living fund which is due to be cut. With out this living fund disabled people will no longer be able to live in their own home independently and will loose any chance of living anything that resembles normal everyday life. The kind that you and I take for granted.

2014-06-28 18.00.08

To be honest working with disabled people is all pretty new to me and it is only through protest that I have got to know some active DPAC protesters. And I am now all to aware of the precarious balance that they have to deal with to maintain an anyway functional life. Some having to deal with the most complex health issues, accessibility, discrimination on a level that I can only compare to homophobia and racism which…

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“Artist Taxi Driver Rides Again”; Undercover in Job Centre

Disabled protest using motorised buggy parked, conveniently broken down in Job centre, playing loud the £8 million helicopter birthday present edition:

The way the G4S guards walk over on camera and vehicle parked with sound blaster timed for maximum effect, also how the guards particularity reacted when they heard Chunky talking about G4S

“You put a paper hat on, were going to privatise everything, were going to bring in G4S and Serco…£8 million helicopter, this is what austerity looks like.. like in Ghost Busters..doesn’t like the colour, you pay…£8 million sate of the art..leather seats…”

The £8 million helicopter birthday present edition featured in above undercover demo:

Artist Taxi Driver Rides Again world cup shopping by undercover cameras:

“Carpetbaggers..bankers bonuses…Corporations…rise in suicides as direct result of policies…G4S in partnership with NHS..scandal…we cant afford these services..hand to corporations, take the public money put the profits offshore…George Osborne the spokes clown for McDonald’s…a country that decides to shoot its wounded… “


Austerity Protest in London (June 21st 2014)

Protest pictures and comments on mass austerity protest in London on June 21st 2014

Guardian article, an estimated 50,000 Austerity protest march through London

Mass Austerity Protest in London, England report by Russia Today:

‘No more austerity:’ Thousands rally in London demanding alternative from govt (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post: “Russell Brand Calls On 50,000 Protesters To Stage ‘Joyful Revolution'”

Francesca Martinez gives an impassioned speech for the disabled and poor suffering in Austerity Britain

Russell Brand speaks before mass crowd in central London and puts on Fire Brigade Union t-shirt in support of fireman’s protests at UK government cuts

Owen Jones speech at people’s assembly

Speech at People’s Assembly by Caroline Lucas: “Stop punishing the poor..End this cruel and counter-productive Austerity..”

Artist Taxi Driver artistic musings of what his speech would’ve been at The People’s Assembly, a Revolution dream of Artistic fantasy on stage, of what might have been. Amidst artistic humour some thought provoking and hard hitting facts:

“Chunky the king..Frankie Boyle, leader of the Republic”

Russell Brand comments to Russia Today journalist on lack of UK mainstream media coverage of the protest. He says: “”if people knew what was happening they wouldn’t tolerate it… Ignorance is a necessity ingredient for oppression….we are unifying”

Artist Taxi Driver response to absence on UK mainstream media and no report on BBC or in much of the most popular mainstream press, with very minimal reporting by the mainstream broadcasters such as Sky instead focusing on Russell Brand taking his top off, but not so much on the clear statement, part of the main message of the day, when he put on a fibre brigade t-shirt with fire brigade protest slogan on “We save people, not banks, stop the cuts”:

Austerity for the Poor, Record wealth for Kleptocrats, Governments, Corporate & Bankster Buddies (Link to item in this blog)

Following on from People’s Assembly 50,000 Austerity march, a comedy performance at the London Apollo is to to raise funds for People’s Assembly, to continue towards the fight against the austerity onslaught of the poor in UK. Along with entertainment and humour of the event, it is meant to highlight and raise questions about austerity:”Russell Brand says “come to STAND UP AGAINST AUSTERITY” | 7 JULY” including lecturer and comic artist activist Francesca Martinez


Austerity for the Poor, Record wealth for Kleptocrats, Governments, Corporate and Bankster Buddies

Austerity, the excuse of the rich and powerful to squash the poor, whilst blaming them for the losses of the rich gamblers and simultaneously making themselves even richer than ever.

Keiser Report Episode on ‘Bondzilla’ and interview with ‘Scriptonite’ (downloadable)

Max Keiser and Kerry-Anne Mendoza, otherwise informed blogger activist ‘Scriptonite’ covers a lot of related areas of UK ‘zombie’ economy. Bond market in first half and interview in second half from 12:30. In the style of tongue in cheek humour of the show, even water cannon for UK government to control the masses and crowd sourced ‘People’s water cannon for the peoples defence and water balloons, duel purpose to support fire stations closed down. Plus as always for the show,underneath an  in-depth understanding of real world economics. A lot of issues highlighted during the humorous banter.

In Max Keiser and Scriptonite ‘Peoples Water Cannon’, in tongue in cheek humour they debate whether to buy one of the many UK fire engines scraped sold off cheap to convert to a people’s water cannon on the cheap in Austerity Britain:

Crowd-sourced People’s Water Cannon in response to UK buying water cannon to control austerity protesters:

London Arms Race As Protesters Crowdsource To Buy A Water Cannon To Take On Boris Johnson

Max Keiser and Russell brand discuss the legalised extortion of the poor in UK and the apparent fraud immunity by “loan sharks” Wonga being a big Conservative party donor

“Max Levitas, Anti-Fascist Campaigner”

Above article describes how he fought UK fascism before WWII, when elements of the establishment including Mosley’s ‘Brown shirts’ fascism was accepted by some of the establishment at the time.

Austerity Protesters in London (June 2014) sing an Italian anti-fascist resistance movement song that has come to represent international solidarity in protest against oppression in many countries around the world, Bella Ciao:

Francesca Martinez gives an impassioned speech for the disabled and poor suffering in Austerity Britain

Russell Brand speaks before mass crowd in central London and puts on Fire Brigade Union t-shirt in support of fireman’s protests at UK government cuts

Owen Jones speech at people’s assembly

Speech at People’s Assembly by Caroline Lucas: “Stop punishing the poor..End this cruel and counter-productive Austerity..”

Guardian article, an estimated 50,000 Austerity protest march through London

The Huffington Post: “Russell Brand Calls On 50,000 Protesters To Stage ‘Joyful Revolution'”

Russell Brand comments to Russia Today journalist on lack of UK mainstream media coverage of the protest. He says: “”if people knew what was happening they wouldn’t tolerate it… Ignorance is a necessity ingredient for oppression…we are unifying

For further pictures and Tweets of Austerity Protest in London (June 21st 2014) link in this blog: Austerity Protest in London (June 21st 2014)

A simplified account by ‘Ripped-off Britons” Guardian blog, of how austerity is used economically to disadvantage the poor and eventually even middle incomes, with rich getting richer and inequality increasing. Whilst it presents this situation up to 2011, with much of the source data in 2010. If a more up to date figures were included to recent statistics, the situation for mortgages for instance would be much worse as house prices have no surpassed the 2007 housing bubble, unties and the cost of essential have rocketed and wages of low paid have fallen whilst higher paid have risen and many more in work are paid less than full time minimum wage, along with benefits falling due to cuts in benefits, such things as Bedroom Tax and charging council tax even when the only source of income is job seekers’ allowance etc.. Also the highest inflation of essentials hitting the poorest hardest, offset in official figures by the cost of more luxury items falling or not changing as much proportionately, thus inaccurately skewing official inflation figures too with essentials being most important to anyone trying to just trying to survive on what is a meagre amount, near the very bottom level of benefits in the developed world, also amongst low paid amongst the lowest pay in the developed world. Inequality has vastly risen from 2010 to 2014:

“”If it isn’t hurting, it isn’t working”. How Austerity worked for the few by hurting the many”

Article illustrating how different forms of taxation and expenditure as a proportion of income and disposable income vary according to wealth for the poor:

Welfare Myth Three – The Poor Don’t Pay Taxes

Article recommended in above provides a good illustration and explains clearly the underclass poverty trap that exists and is in the course through benefit changes in and out of work, of being intensified in modern day UK:

BERNADETTE HORTON examines just some of the effects of the coalition’s hated austerity agenda

As worker rights diminish, wages of low to middle fall, whilst rising for higher paid executives, along with a pool of mass unemployment and semi-employed flexible workforce, combines to make UK falling living standards and fewer opportunities for poor to mid incomes. The demise of the unions has also added to the fall for those nearer the bottom, with knock-on effect for those nearer the middle too, whilst those at the top have gained, hence a dividing society with widening inequality:

UK needs its unions to avoid joining US in stagnating real wages mire

UK is winning the race to the bottom in the developed world, taking it close to competing with the Third World, however this is not good for low paid and no paid poor masses in UK.

High paid politicians cannot be bothered turn up for poor and disabled in UK:

or Spain:

The Socialist Way Blog

Some points to ponder in the blog item above, by ‘The Socialist Way’ regarding the 50,000 austerity protest in London in June 2014. Credit is due to the hard work of organisers and people taking part, to all those who made real effort and are doing it with the best intentions, to try to help and save the poor suffering real oppression in UK today. But there is much more to do, people are suffering, unless a big movement with good people can really move people by peaceful means, if it can’t do that in time, the risk of a real breakdown of society is very high and with resultant chaos, factions, a divided nation. Government/media hate propaganda fuelled, could lead to uncontrollable dangerous results for victims of austerity as well as wider society.

There is still hope of a development of unity to  fight austerity, to support those in need, not to abandon or scapegoat, but to fight the false ideology of austerity and the real villains at the top, breaking society up for their own relentless greed. Trouble is it is still too little and rather late. If Austerity for the poor carries on unabated and even worse if it is  intensified, then the type of protest of a peaceful party for unity for good type of atmosphere at the June 2014 event, may not be so positive in inevitable protests, but more confrontational. The choice is either there can be a society that cares, a more equal one, or the country and countries will suffer the consequences of societal breakdown.

30 Year War, by Manic Street Preachers

30-year War Lyrics (Official Manic Street preachers website)

Manic Street Preachers – Futurology website

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Workfare for an exploited lost generation, now also “workfare till you drop” for older redundant unemployed

Workfare has already been used a rouse, a con to extract work from a lost younger generation, now the government plan to step up enforcing unpaid work on older redundant, often due to losses of real jobs being replaced by a transient casual Mcfry type limited opportunity work, that often selects only the very youngest unemployed, so they can be treated more casual. This may be acceptable for students trying to earn some money whist at university, or temporary when starting out, but these same people are often discarded when they graduate and besides pocket money income does not support independence and the cost of living in UK, which is amongst the most expensive places in the world to live.
As retirement age is extended towards 70, so too is workfare, working full time for benefits that are far less than minimum wage and inadequate to live on especially for people who are managing independently and for older unemployed often no alternative as no means to return to a family to support them, nowhere to turn to.
More people than ever work on zero hour contracts that are totally inadequate and unreliable, insecure, also often on minimum wage for less than full time, so income well below minimum wage. This is added to and supported by a threat to the masses if they don’t work for minimum wage and less to join further masses of unpaid labour as part of forced labour schemes removing the need to even pay for lower skilled work, hence maximising profits for corporations and bonuses for bosses, men in suits who are not innovative or bringing anything useful , such a being a cardboard cut-out manger in one of thousands of McFrys around the world, all the same, all offering the same questionable quality products and using a virtual slave labour workforce.
Matters are made even worse where someone is disabled, repeated assessments, declaring unfit as fit to work and what kind of work, as Artist Taxi Driver often remarks “slave labour death camps”, which for some even many have turned out to be the case, along with added stresses, physically and mentally, weighing heavily on what they already have to cope with and chillingly real suicides.The disabled and vulnerable are at the mercy of system designed to make them work until they drop and all for no remuneration, no real quality of life, no disposable income after paying for bills, inadequate benefits to even support basic needs.
Workfare Till You Drop – Esther McVey To Target Older Claimants:

Amongst any inaccuracies and debatable uses and interpretations of statistics mentioned by IDS in the interview, he repeatedly says that workfare lasts 2 months. It appears workfare together with associated work programme supposed schemes starts at 2 months and can accumulate into much longer periods of unpaid employment, even to 12 months and with only short breaks can be repeated adding up to regular longer periods. In many cases employers use people on workfare and replace them with other people on workfare at the end of a block of workfare for each job seeker and they are paid to use free labour thus can make them much more attractive than even low paid staff on minimum wage or zero hour contracts as it means increased profits based on being paid by the government to use free labour instead of paying staff a wage, undercutting even the lowest wages.

At the youngest end of the spectrum,even children as young as 14 to be pre-conditioned for a life of servitude, if poor, to be sent on mini workfare, just like ideas of pre-apprenticeships, word used to describe low quality menial work programmes:

Army Reservist workfare for young long-term unemployed:

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Do you want fries with that sir/madam? Jobs for a relative few ‘lucky’ ‘surplus’ people

Government and media working dumbing down the masses, promoting non-jobs working in massive food corporations where everything is replicated. Junk Food that is well named as such, for good reasons, that can be compared to cardboard and synthetic, but contains masses of chemicals. Chefs working there produce identical synthetic food to a formula around the world. Staff are given minimum wage, low pay no pay zero hour contracts to work to sell food to customers that can damage their health, with a hard sell over mainstream media, TV, sports events even in schools to children, to get them addicted before they grow up into adults already addicted to the chemicals they contain and to the familiarisation of going to locations they have always been to out of habit.

“Heavy users..synthetic.surplus people…”

On a diet of junk food, with numerous chemical additives and government/corporation sponsored advertising through media, like smoking cigarettes matched with popularity, McBurgers matched with sporting prowess, reality TV boosting shared brainwashed desires to be sports stars or to be on the latest reality TV fad, to win X factor. All this is intentionally, by corporations, advertisers making money, working for governments, mainstream media. All to play down any reports of poisoning, health damaging effects of eating McBurgers. All the while poisoning, becoming addicted. Well-placed mega boxes of booze strategically placed in supermarkets whenever there is a big and every year ever bigger sporting tournament aimed at men but also indirectly aimed at women to join in. All part of a controlled one big society. The next big public celebration promoted like a sitcom in supermarkets across the country, through the media, with politicians getting in on the act holding up newspapers based on propaganda and selling all this to the masses. Somehow the suggestion becomes auto-suggestion, that alcohol leads to being a famous sports person that they may become or that they imagine they are when they watch it, drugged up on crap burgers and alcohol and brainwashed by the TV.