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Proper Job

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Poetic interpretation of a Proper Job; what people want and desire from childhood onwards. What should be able to expected, in a modern egalitarian world, only its not equal, and inequality is increasing.When having worked hard for years in education and in gaining experience, or for many through no fault of their own, whom need help, suffering conditions causing restrictions, to still be able to fulfil ones potential to the utmost. This is counter to the kind of people who begrudge others, in a divided society, where governments and media stir hate and prejudice, those that like to see others not fulfilling their potentials, even others that don’t fulfil their own potential also not wanting others to fulfil them; the race to the bottom syndrome and scenario.


They’ve done a proper job on you and me. What used to be a steady wage, for steady hours, now is rare. Well, actually, so’s any hours, any money, anywhere.

Our staple daily bread is dead as we regress at pace and all our damned-fool Power Tools can offer in response is to debase us with a nonsense and start pushing instability as normal to the point of formal policy and even as a patriotic diktat.

They have stitched us up a beauty now this status quo submission is repackaged as a duty – they don’t even tie a bow on anymore. Not now the poor and getting poorer have to take what they can get and keep their hungry little mouths closed and their empty hands behind their heads and smile like they are wise enough to passively accept that someone’s got to make the sacrifice. And who else…

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