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University Education: costs compared for students around the world

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The source of the data for the above map has not been located, but the figures are consistent with many reports, including from several of the sources given below. The Tweet has been included, without statistical source, but providing reference to the Tweet, as the graphical representation provides a stark comparison of the UK ultra-high university educational costs and extreme debt burden forced onto UK students, which they will realise from two years after graduation when the high fees kick in, with a debt burden lasting 30 years for every student who cannot afford to repay the loan sooner.

Link to my previous blog item, where student debt repayments are briefly illustrated in relation to students in universities in England and Wales:

Student loan repayments will affect many more than realise

Some supporting sources of comparative costs of UK with other European countries:

Compare tuition fees schemes in Europe

OECD report on education (2011) before UK tripled fees:

OECD (2011) Education At A Glance

UK students have highest student loan interest rate charges in Europe:

Huffington Post article: Our Students Face the Highest Student Loan Interest Rate in Western Europe

Report referred to in above article:

Squeezing Our Students: An English OECD Comparison (2013)

From the above report relating to what would happen if tuition fees were tripled as they were from 2012 onwards:

“Such a fee level would therefore be the highest average figure for public or state-dependent institutions in the developed world” (p22)

UK tuition fees have therefore become the highest in the world, beating United States average of student fee charges, based on highly variable charges between different US universities. Most countries though have more consistent tuition fee structures, but UK also exceeds all of these, with many countries’ governments charging students far less than UK.

UK tuition charges have risen to first place from what was recognised by the OECD as being third highest in developed world in their 2011 report, Education At A Glance (link provided above)

Related newspaper media articles from before tuition fees tripled in 2012:

Guardian: UK young people education OECD

Telegraph: OECD UK student tuition fees third highest in the world


International students shun UK as ultra-high fees act as deterrent to study in UK:

Tuition fee hike blamed as international students at UK universities fall by a quarter


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