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European Desires, Hopes and Dreams

From the new album Futurology

Europa Geht Durch Mich (Europe Goes Through Me)

Futurology, Manic Street Preachers official site



“Declare Independence, don’t let them do that to you”

Artist Taxi Driver on Scotland Independence:

Declare Independence, great performance live from Glastonbury:

Official video:

“Declare Independence, don’t let them do that to you…”

Powerful video by Icelandic singer Bjork, a song that’s significant for Iceland, its freedom, so far the only country in the world to stand up to the banksters, and a model to others. Letting the banks fail was painful but by implementing policies to share the burden, Iceland has wiped out the debt caused by reckless bankster gambling and started again, with no QE (Quantitative Easing, i.e. borrowing money, way above the cost of running the country, for social and health services, for all benefits to support the poor, to supply and bolster failed banks) the burden spread across all society, but ensuring the iris a safety net for the poor and Iceland raises like a phoenix, in a unique position of having no bankster bailout debt burden on the economy and borrowing and spending distributed to make a better society.

Hopefully they will continue with more socialist policies to ensure equality of opportunities, otherwise they could once again fail by copying other governments that prioritise the rich elites, corporations, banksters and suffer the consequences of letting the poor go under. As it stands Iceland has a new chance, a new beginning to establish a fairer society, where individuals are rewarded for efforts and the community supports all for the good of all.

Scotland now has a chance of independence, not just a current series of politicians to elect from, but for the future, a means to enable self-government and control of resources and wealth distribution across the country. A means to escape from the clutches of years of control not from England, but from the City of London financial services elite that now dominate and divide the rest of England. UK politics is led from city financial institutions and government to the detriment of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and other areas of England itself, such as North West, East, Midlands and anywhere outside the London and South East affluent areas, even to the detriment of the poor in London and the South East too, with wealth gap in areas of London and whole regions outside London, approaching that of unequal Third world countries.


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Well-deserved Congratulations to Mark on good health results, much needed comrade of the poor, oppressed and disabled

In this edition of Artist Taxi Driver You Tube social media videos, broadcast by the people, well-eclipsing mainstream media in quality and value, Mark in his unique way, with a combination of righteous anger vernacular and a celebration of the good things in life, way above material wealth, he says thank you for all the good work of the NHS doctors, nurses and all those that support him and is ready to fight for all the oppressed, justice, to expose the truth, for a better society:


Link to this blogs previous item congratulating Mark, along with link to Russell Brand on NHS:

Congratulations to Artist Taxi Driver on great news, a chance of a new life plus Artist and Trews news NHS edition

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Dr. Brian May comments on Artist Taxi Driver

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Why capitalism needs unemployment and underemployment

Cheltenham & Gloucester Against Cuts

    Any worker who`s ever complained to their boss and been told “if you don`t want to work here there are plenty who do” will understand why Karl Marx described the role of the unemployed (and underemployed) under capitalism as “the reserve army of labour”.
      The press and politicians take every opportunity to divide and rule the working class by casting suspicion on those who are unemployed, but those in work know that the very threat of unemployment helps the bosses to impose their will on us. When unemployment rises, the threat is greater, and employers become bold enough to force pay cuts on workers.
     Mainstream economists have a more academic approach and study the labour “market” in great detail, but just like the bosses they recognise the importance of unemployment under capitalism. In the late 1960s influential US economist Milton Friedman came up with the term “the…

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DPAC interview with Artist Taxi Driver

Brilliant interview with disability activist Andy, representative of DPAC, discussing what the organisation fighting for disabled, against exclusion, for equality of opportunities and outcomes. An interview that is worth watching for all people in caring services, on social science and social work academic courses for people who care about others for a better society.

Mentioned in the interview are the complexities of modern world, macroeconomics that mystifies the masses who don’t understand what really happens, the root cause of poverty around the world, due to unfairness, exploitation, a corrupt financial system largely set out from London and New York, Russian oligarchs, Chinese billionaires and many other rich and powerful around the world, often backed up by military power. In Africa or in any country where inequality is part of the system. Political groups and corporations play on the ignorance of many with media promoting propaganda that the only way is austerity for the poor. It’s a complete myth, an abomination a corruption of a just and fair society, with far too many driven to despair, hardship, even suicide. It’s false, but an argument used and repeated. Even its obvious similar amounts of money saved from those least able to do without are given away to those who have plenty, like Robin Hood in reverse.

All safety nets removed for the poor and disabled, the Independent Living Fund removed that was there to help give disabled a means to gain from society in a way that people fortunate enough not to be disabled take for granted. Disabled living lives “who will end up having to go into homes”.

The poor, destitute, those unwell, mentally and physically, the disabled of all levels and kinds, those excluded due to discrimination, for being a different race or colour, gender, religion, faith, too young, under 30, too old, over 40 or for being disabled. The disable as “second class citizens ..excluded.. starving to death, living in the dark.. taking their own lives..”

The poor, destitute, those unwell, mentally and physically, the disabled of all levels and kinds, those excluded due to discrimination, for being too young, under 30, too old, over 40, a different race or colour, gender, religion, faith. All going against most faiths essential messages for a better society, for people, for the human race, real spirituality, Christian, Muslim, whatever faith, religions that anyone has centred on valuing human life and sole, natural world, an eternal sole, where money for greed inequality is the root of all evil, for truth, justice, fairness, equality.

“The value of people.. the worth of people… as individuals,.. people over profit… the kind of society where people are valued…”

DPAC Website