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UK to introduce Mass ‘slave labour’ Workfare or daily signing on.

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The cost to the public where private companies will be paid £ millions and £ billions to cover all the extra work created by schemes and daily signing on queues, will also impact on the environment, with millions of extra journeys. This will affect public transport, including during rush hours with millions of extra commuters of the jobless on their daily journeys to spend hours queuing up at job centres or travelling to and from places they will spend all day working for no pay and so all the extra travel costs will have to be paid for by the government, as well as extra transport pollution affecting greenhouse gasses, causing congestion on the roads and overcrowded public transport, all to no avail for pay and benefits at far less than subsistence, so not alleviating food banks or malnutrition in UK.


It will add to the country’s petrol consumption and wasting time of job seekers with no advantage for gaining real work that would add a standard of living for job seekers instead of a measly existence at just 10% of average wages or 20% of minimum wage. Yet with most of the outgoings anyone has on minimum wage jobs, but far below the level required to live on in UK, where cost of living is amongst the highest in the world. Just to exist requires £ hundreds every month to pay utility bills, water, gas, electric, TV licence (needed to pay BBC to broadcast propaganda and required for a computer or DVD player, to play disks bought when people had jobs before they were made redundant, even if don’t watch any TV), household insurance, mortgages or rent, council tax also now comes from benefit, all travel, all not options, everything, not leaving enough for food. If anything the new regime will lower the chances of finding work due to all the extra time travelling or spent working as unpaid slaves.

the void

bhf-workfare With less than one week to go until the launch date of the DWP’s woefully misnamed ‘Help To Work’ and details of the programme are still shrouded in secrecy.

‘Help To Work’ is the mass workfare scheme announced by George Osborne at last year’s Tory Party conference.  Those leaving the Work Programme without a job – which is almost everyone – will either have to sign on every day or be forced to work for no pay for a ‘community’ organisation for six months.  The whole package is expected to cost almost a third of a billion, with most of that money lining the pockets of private sector profiteers running the scheme.

The problem is no-one knows who those providers are yet, including the DWP themselves.  A response to a Freedom of Information request dated  April 10th said that the tender for ‘Help To Work’ was still ongoing.  The DWP…

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