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Psychocompulsion and workfare

Benefit tales

<p><a href=”″>And This time its Personal Psychocompulsion &amp; Workfare</a> from <a href=””>wellredfilms</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

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The Conservative approach to social research – that way madness lies

Politics and Insights

demcracyI’ve written more than one lengthy critiqueof Tory notions of what passes for “research” methods (so I’ll make this one relatively short), and often criticised Tory refusals to accept the research findings of academics regarding, for example, established links between the Work Capability Assessment, increased suicide and mortality, the link between sanctions and increased mortality. The Tory plea for the universal and unqualified dismissal of whatever they deem to be criticism of their policies is often based on the claim that “no causal link has been established.”

As I have pointed out on many occasions previously, whilst correlation certainly isn’t quite the same thing as cause and effect, it quite often strongly hints at a causal link, and as such, warrants further investigation.

It is therefore inaccurate to say that correlation doesn’t imply causation. It quite often does. The tobacco industry has…

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New targets for DWP compliance interviews.

The poor side of life

Sometimes I’m taken by surprise. Mostly I’m not. But this is a new tactic. A new target driven tactic employed by the DWP.

For anyone claiming JSA, ESA Income Support or universal credit you might be familiar with a local service compliance interview. They send these letters out usually on a random basis or sometimes on the say so of a suspected fraud taking place. Now these interviews are compulsory and if you don’t attend then your money will get stopped.

Whilst attending one of these interviews you are normally treated like a criminal, guilty before being proven innocent, most likely innocent of any wrongdoing as you have been randomly picked in the first place. You are taken to a room which looks just like a police interview room. They record everything like the police do, only in this case you are most likely innocent. You are asked to bring…

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Lies, Damned Lies and Tory Jobless Statistics

Westminster Confidential

Misleading statistics for the dole queue. Misleading statistics for the dole queue.

I see from the excellent Vox Political blogthat a row has broken out over claims  by Conservative Central Office of big reductions in the number of jobless claiming benefit under the last coalition government.

The BBC reports a row over the way Essex Tory MPs are presenting falls in unemployment figures. The row concentrates on them using the claimant count. ( Jobseekers Allowance only) rather than the number of people seeking work who are not on benefit. This makes a huge difference to the numbers unemployed in constituencies.

Central Office defended their stance by saying : “This  (questions surrounding the use of JSA figures) is nonsense. This unemployment measure is provided by the independent House of Commons Library – and for constituencies they are the most up to date and most reliable numbers to use.They are used by MPs and candidates across the…

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Sanctioned for not writing long enough sentences and new shiny windows at the Jobcentre.

The poor side of life

Yesterday when I arrived at the Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre I thought I was seeing things. They had taken down the paper that was covering the windows. Great I thought, the claimants will feel much more secure knowing that they can see outside now. I would have thought that they would have felt very intimidated upon entering a building that you can’t see out of. I walked. Up to the building and I noticed that they had placed some kind of reflective film on the glass, presumably so we can’t see inside. We don’t look inside anyway we are too busy helping people and handing leaflets out. My question is this. At what expense was this decision to put up reflective coatings on the glass? And who’s decision was this? Once again we come in peace and this is not needed at all.

Whilst standing outside a young woman approached…

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For Lotte Ryan, a friend and fellow campaigner

Politics and Insights

Lotte Ryan

The following is from my friend,Charlotte Ryan, who was expected to attend work interviews or lose her benefits just weeks before she died. This was written on December 12, 2014:

I have terminal cancer, my prognosis is 0-3 years and I was diagnosed in March 2014 with my brain stem glioma. In April 2014 I was placed in the support group* for 3 years and I have gone from being able-bodied to hopelessly disabled. I have many neurological deficits including diploplia, dyspraxia, dysarthria and dysphagia. To save you googling, this means that I have double vision and am going blind, I’m very clumsy and most days I drop everything I pick up, my speech is failing and one day I won’t be able to communicate verbally at all and I have such difficulty swallowing that I now have a feeding tube.

I cannot leave…

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UK modern society: Social Division, wealth inequality, a return to The Class War

Excellent video good enough to include as part of college and university lectures. Many isues raised and an importnat area that is affecting many countries of divided societites with rich and poor with wealth inequality at levels last seen before WWII, in some countries going as far back as Victorian and Dickensian times. In UK already back to Great Depression times for large numbers struggling and when comparing the very poorest, with inadequate benefits and a serious lack of real living wage jobs for masses, with many jobs being ultra low pay, insecure, less than full time on minimum wage and millions unable to even get these low paid jobs, resorting to food banks, so at the poorest even back to Dickensian times social inequality. The video highlights all of this an dis an ideal starting point to discuss realities of a social system and of masses of people struggling and suffering as a consequence, the many difficulties people face as part of a divided society and many possible consequences.

” Tory Party: we literally hate the poor/class war”:

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A world full of hate..

‘A world full of hate’ fear & prejudice, reality whatever religion, “why not like me” hate, division of labour, inequality, poor suffering austerity to support the rich in luxury

They want you to hate the Jews, the Catholics, Islamaphobia…want a litte cricket..what kind of society is this….Spirituality, why you have to let go of your ego..don’t have reflective process in day..not going to be given time to do any of that…they don’t want to win the war. Permanent war permanent austerity permanent hate…


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Manic Street Preachers – Futurology (Official Video) Art reflecting Reality

The whole album, as the one before and all Manics albums stimulate ideas, express much deeper complex issues. In many ways the music speaks for itself through art, lyrics and talented musicianship. Their music is also enhanced and expressed even more so with the excellent video designs, arrangements, directing, acting and production, conveyed by the artistic work of Kieran Evans.

Listening to the album and watching the videos stimulates many thoughts and ideas. Art is used to show a greater more accurate reality than through mainstream media with its incessant use of government, media mogul and corporate propaganda and at worst hate propaganda. The video shows this up instantly and of course uses quality, thoughtful, intellectual meaningful lyrics and motivating rhythms, excellence of musicianship; all mean Art is representing a truer reality.

More ideas and thoughts to be be added over time